21 December 2009

14 December 2009

Plastic Spoons Salesman

I overheard this sentence when I ducked into a pub in North London. There were five proper London geezers lined up all within an arms reach of the bar. I guessed they were downing a few swift sherbets on their lunch break and I could over hear them telling tales from the weekend. One of them, no doubt the showman of the bunch, took center stage and rattled off yarn after yarn, each ending in a fight!

12 December 2009

Tatiana (Desk Plant)

This is Tatiana (part of her anyway), a desk top companion. I say 'a' and not 'my' because Tat has done the rounds. Somehow that sounds slanderous and truth be told she has only really bounced between myself and friend Lucy, but I figure thats good going for a desk plant! It was Lucy's birthday the other day so I took a photo and framed it along with some collected shedded leaves to offer as a gift.

What have we done

One evening while looking after a friends house in the suburbs of West Auckland, New Zealand, I got restless but had had one too many beers to drive. The T.V bored me so I got the camera out and took some pictures of random things around me, including my hands and face....maybe it was more than just one too many! When I recognized the look of shock that the fingers and mouth made together there seemed no better use for them other than to have a go at highlighting my sad amazement at humans negative impact on the planet.

Wheels of Freedom

A World in Need of Repair

Went to the Apolo

Fighting is in our Blood

Heart Face

Melting Vinyl

Surf Posters

ON THE ROAD – Car Photos & Prints

Empty Waves

It was getting dark and the wind was howling offshore, there was no one around and this corner of coastline was much like it might have been for hundreds of years. Being out in the dark next to such timelessness sure helps get some perspective.