24 May 2021


It has been cold, wet and windy this May and to drive it home a storm rolled over Thursday and into the weekend, with a brief sun allowance on Saturday afternoon. Winter with long daylight hours.

The good thing is I can complete my work with surfboards and have enough light to get some photographs. Driving home I looked over the bay and could see both the surf and wind had picked up, although the wind was strong and going round it was clean in the corner by the harbour, an invite to some surfers and for me some pictures.

Harbour, Harbour wall, storm, on dark
Harbour, harbour mouth, harbour entrance, storm, high seas, ocean view,

17 May 2021


Pictured are a few of the collage pieces completed last year (2020). A few more have made it into frames of which I will show in further posts, because of lockdown restrictions they found their way on to walls at home and not galleries. The photographs used on the collage are from the allowed walk/exercise from Spring last year, the weather was so good it made it easy to take photos and use the blossom and leaves as a subject to further practice the technique of getting my photographs on to textured collage.

15 May 2021


Below are a few images of the new studio, from the drawings and plans to construction and now working. Seeing it through from start to finish has been time consuming, coupled with my surfboard work and an operation in late 2020 it has played its part in new work being delayed. Anyway, the Sleepless Ink studio is now up and running. Very excited to get busy.

10 May 2021


It has come as a surprise to me how long it has been since my last post and for that I apologise. There have been reasons, some I suspect shared, but to save us from a tortuous bullet-pointed list I'll put it under the title: Life.

There are things to show for this time. Several collage pieces completed before unforeseeable twists stalled my artwork, a collection of photographs and a new studio.

Although my design and artwork have taken a break, my photography has continued and I have found great reward from it. As time has been an issue I revived an old, unused instagram account ( to serve as a place to easily and quickly upload photos.

At first I thought of the instagram account as a dumping ground for the pictures I was taking. Because of time restraints, lockdowns and travel restrictions the photographs being taken were, and essentially still are, all from around Newquay, this has been surprisingly enjoyable and the account has assisted in creating a thread, almost a project of images from the town I live in. Ironically a place I could never see pictures in, for years I felt it necessary to be somewhere else to get good photographs.

Now with the studio, more time and hopefully opportunities to move freely again, I can start producing work for a new website and galleries.