15 July 2021


Working with surfboards has taken a lot of my time lately, I miss getting down to the harbour and watching it work in so many ways at this time of year, plus of course the chance for getting new shots to post and print. Instead I am going through and reviewing photographs from earlier in the year, I am specifically looking to see what could be used with my collage work.


I regathered my toys back into the pram and continued looking for a solution to the updating header problems I was running into. Thankfully in the blogger community there are people far more switched on than me and are kind enough to share these solutions.

This involved going into the HTML code and adjusting things, something I am not comfortable with, but through good instructions and being meticulous it has worked.

Great news for me as I do wish to continue posting. I shall still look into a new platform to present my work in a portfolio/shop site and use this blog as blogs are intended to be – present new projects, photos, artwork, ideas...