I source text and images from old books, magazines, packaging, etc. I scan and print onto newsprint paper and make a multilayered collage to draw and print my photographs on. Living in a seaside town the majority of themes are coast based – surfing, harbour, sea life, etc

A combination of drawing and design work to create pieces for limited and unlimited print runs. The subject matter can vary but I frequently gravitate to surfing. With a wealth of experience being a surfer, both in the water and decades working in the surfboard (airbrush/graphics) industry, this process allows me to draw and follow the body lines made by the art of good surfing.

I have enjoyed years of photography, as a keen enthusiast and product photographer. My camera is with me apart from when surfing and I look to capture a moment or composition that can go to print. Parallel to this I search for images to be used with my collage work. Most of the time I gravitate to the harbour but broaden out to living in a seaside town. Several photographs can be seen on instagram/