The three main avenues for my art production are:

Pieces often inspired by the coast towns, coastline and country of Cornwall. These are created using my photographs and drawings on collage. I source text and images from old books, magazines, packaging, etc. I scan and print onto newsprint paper and make a multilayered collage to draw and print onto. The final pieces are framed with a view to show at exhibitions and galleries. A few go on to generate small Limited Edition print runs.

Drawing and design pieces with a view to generate both limited and unlimited print runs. The subject matter can vary but I frequently hone in on surfing. With a wealth of experience being a surfer, both in the water and in the surfboard (graphics artist) industry, it is these prints that allow me to draw and follow the body lines made by the art of good surfing. A collection of these can be seen or purchased at the sleepless ink shop.

I love photography: the magic of it, the history, the vast amount of disciplines and approaches. I shoot to capture compositions to be used in my artwork or to make small collections around a subject. I have my camera at all times and travel on projects often focusing on the coast towns, coastline and country of Cornwall. Selected images are chosen to go to print.