11 October 2017


I am aware the 'Work Ready Soon' message was the last post and has been left there without follow up. For anyone waiting, who cares or is interested, I am sorry – there has been an uneasy break in spirit.

I aim for this to be exact, not muddied by image, business profile or commercial interests. I am a person who lives and works by the sea that wants to take and make pictures.

I like selling my work, it encourages me to take photographs and art out of closed drawers, off the drawing board and hard drive in the hope of finding new walls and eyes. I get to work with my fantastic printers and with more activity there is an increased chance of being involved in interesting projects.

Now with an even keel and renewed perspective I feel free to comment on certain matters bluntly. An uncomfortable thorn burrowed deep into my outlook and contributed to my distance from the want, need and fulfilment of looking at things in the world, along with striving to capture and reflect on them using a camera, pencil, pen or brush. The cutting blades of the thorn are people who steal, deceive and disrespect the time and artistic enterprises of others.

The repercussions of a serious head injury amplified my inability to manage well with being exploited for my substantial time contribution and efforts without thanks, consideration, reward or payment. In fact, it seems my injury was a green light to take advantage of me – all under, the now seen, flimsy disguise of being honest, decent or caring. It is these soulless charlatans who stole my time and snatched at my creativity that nearly choked the enthusiasm out of me. No more, I can still breath and my enjoyment is alive – to give up now would take me closer to these spineless phonies.

Fortunately, I have been commissioned by several reputable companies over the years, resulting in ongoing working relationships and a wealth of rewarding experiences to remember. The memories serve as a great counterbalance to negativity and doubt, while assuring me assignments can be enjoyable, fair and beneficial for all.

So there is more good than bad – now the movement is forwards, relegating the cynicism, anger and lose of direction to a past chapter. The shift has created room for a fresh charge of doing what I love to do.

Kevin Cooper

sleepless ink