13 November 2010

11 November 2010

24 July 2010

New Montage

Going to print one of these onto nice paper and frame it using a frame left over from the Brighton effort.

20 July 2010

Brighton Artwork – Framed

Not the best of photos, done in a rush before packing them and just making the train.

14 July 2010

New artwork for Brighton

Scans of artwork just completed for a restaurant in Brighton. Couldn't quite fit them on the scan bed so there is some loss. Hope to get some photos of them framed.

29 May 2010

Old Prints using New Print Technique

A bit of perseverance led me to this print technique allowing photos and artwork to find their way onto bits of wood or old paper. These are testers and it will surely take more perseverance and patience to control, so as bad as it sounds....let it rain!