The art, photography and design work of Kevin Cooper united under the name of sleepless ink in 2009 after years of pursuing each interest individually. The name was born from the late nights spent drawing, designing, processing photographs and printing. Since then the artwork has come to the fore after being well received by galleries plus being the most rewarding in terms of freedom away from material and format restrictions. 

It is on the back of the artwork that much design work has been generated, magazine adverts, posters, business cards and a seasons range of T-Shirts for Fat Face.

From a background in the surfboard industry the artwork at sleepless ink is a combination of experience gained from putting graphics on surfboards plus design, photography and printing techniques learnt and enjoyed over the past decade. Combining these different approaches has allowed Kevin to produce pieces with texture and multiple layers while exploring different subject matters, although he gravitates towards surfing and coast life. Part of the process uses his photographs and drawings to be transferred onto textured collage backgrounds. Selected original artwork is chosen to go to print as numbered Limited Edition runs.

  • e-mail: sleeplessink@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 07894 963267